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Flower arrangement and Japanese style flower material for an arrangement of spring, summer, fall and winter the branches of is dealt with. PHONE 0747-33-0401 26, Nishiyoshino-tyou,hinokigawa, Gojo-shi, Nara-ken

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"Flower trees". "Branches". What do these words remind you of? Are they cherry blossoms or apricot? Green leaves or fruits on the branches?

In the recent trend wishing for peace of mind, the role of flowers is getting more and more important. Flower trees and branches we’re handling are also playing a part of the important role. However, the delivery quantity and the delivery items of flower trees and branches are tending to be decreased. Main causes for the decrease may be as follow;:

・Decrease of successors in the arable land in the mountains
・Several years needed from the planting to the harvest
・Aging of producers
・Various items
・The offensive of the imported flowers

These problems are structural and very severe, but each indivisual needs to make efforts to take a step forward. "" is created to introduce our "flower trees" and "branches". We are introducing only a part of them, but we are very thankful if we can attract your interest in flower trees and branches through our "".
We will make all possible efforts to supply flower trees and branches of good quality. Please let us send our best regards to you who have found our ""

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Address Hikawase Nishiyoshino-cho Gojo-city
Nara 637-0233
Tel 0747-33-0401
Fax 0747-33-0415
Person in charge Koji Hori



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